Benefits of Spirulina Powder

Spirulina is blue – green algae that grow both in fresh and salt water. For many years, the alga has used for various health purposes around the world. This nutrient-rich alga is a natural supplement that provides amazing health benefits to the users. Here are the benefits of Spirulina.

#1. Detoxing properties 

The studies show that regular intake of Spirulina can effectively detox heavy metals such as Arsenic. It has been demonstrated that chronic Arsenic toxicity is common in most parts of the world. Millions of people consume Arsenic through drinking water. Apparently, there is no specific treatment for arsenic toxicity. However, the clinical trials have proven that Spirulina can significantly reduce the level of toxicity in the body.

#2. Packed with essential nutrients 

Our bodies require essential nutrients for proper functioning. Fortunately, Spirulina is rich in essential nutrients and low in calories. The algae manufacture its food through photosynthesis thus making it rich in vital nutrients such as omega 3&6 fatty acids and vitamin B12.

#3. Improves HIV/AIDS

The rate HIV/ AIDS infections are significantly low in countries where people consume algae on a regular basis. The studies show that HIV/AIDS patients who consume spirulina on a daily basis have reduced viral loads. In fact, the algae work in the same way just like antiretroviral drugs.

#4. Prevents cancer 

According to the scientific studies, Spirulina has been shown to boost the production of infection-fighting proteins that prevent chronic diseases such as cancer. The Spirulina can prevent various types of cancer. However, the alga has been shown to cure the mouth cancer.

#5. Lowers blood pressure 

Spirulina contains Phycocyanin, which possesses antihypertensive effects that reduce the blood pressure. It has been shown that algae treat metabolic syndrome that is leading cause of hypertension around the world.

#6. Speeds up weight loss 

Many people are looking for effective means for losing excess weight. Fortunately, Spirulina is a protein-rich supplement that promotes quick and safe weight loss. The proteins found in the algae are appetite suppressants, which can curb overeating and increase fat-burning in the body. For best results, Spirulina should be taken in the morning or midday rather than during the night.

#7. Promotes hemoglobin production 

The studies reveal that Spirulina boosts the production of hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, the daily intake of Spirulina prevents anemia. Moreover, Spirulina treats all anemic symptoms in those who are suffering from the condition.

#8. Reduce allergies 

Most allergies occur as a result of pollen, dust, and other pollutants in the air. The allergy may be treated with over-the-counter drugs. These drugs may lead to increased drug resistance hence causing more harm to your body. Fortunately, Spirulina is a natural remedy for treating all the symptoms of allergy without causing side effects.

#9. Boosts the health of the eyes

Spirulina is rich in vitamin A, which promotes the health of the eyes. The amount of vitamin A present in spirulina is much greater than that of carrots. In fact, you will find less eye problems on individuals who consume Spirulina on a daily basis.

Spirulina is a natural supplement that is packed with essential nutrients and can be bought in bulk through spirulina exporters. Daily consumption of the algae can offer the users with numerous health benefits.