4 Types of Maintenance Free Fencing

Choosing the right type of fence for your home or property can sometimes be a hard decision to make.  Aside from privacy and security few things to consider before deciding are the material, area of coverage, cost and maintenance.  Other things to keep in mind are some fences may require more upfront cost than others while some require less maintenance and last longer than most.  Let’s go over 4 different kinds of fencing for your homes or property that will ultimately give you the most for your money due to the extremely low to no maintenance costs.

Chain Link

Chain Link fences are durable and need very little maintenance.  Although they do not provide much of the privacy factor they are still very popular amongst homeowners and other institutional areas such as schools.  Chain Link fences are very inexpensive overall making it a more favorable option.  With a bit of imagination and creativity you can add more likeness around a chain link fence by planting flowers or adding shrubs.


Aluminum fencing is one of the most attractive and relatively maintenance free options to choose from. The major downside of having an aluminum fence is that it is not as strong as most other fences and it is not recommended for areas that are no to have severe weather conditions.  Security is also something to factor while looking for this type of fencing being one of the less secure out of most of the options.


Vinyl fencing has a higher cost however, because of its durability as compared to wood it makes it an easy choice.  Installing a vinyl fence will give you a longer life span as supposed to others due to its material.  Vinyl fences are maintenance free, resistant to paint and also 3-4 more flexible than wood.  Soap and water helps to keep it looking clean.


PVC fencing can last for years because of what it’s made up of and can also withstand many of the elements.  PVC also comes in many different heights and colors to choose from.  This type of fence is one of the cheapest to go with being that they replace broken or cracked that wooden stakes that are either glued or screwed to other wooden panels or post to help maintain their stability.  This makes for one of the ways to fence in your property.
Finally, making the right and most cost effective decision will come down to what kind of budget you set before starting your fencing project.  Be sure to select a reputable fence company in Ocala Florida that will listen to your needs and that are professionals at what they do so you won’t be disappointed.  Happy fencing!

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