HCG Shots Guide – Learning to Injection with HCG

Many people have indulged into inappropriate lifestyles by eating too much fatty food. As a result,they have gained too much weight which has in turn made them unhealthy and uncomfortable. For this reason, more and more people are looking for ways to burn off the extra fat and regain back their normal body size. Although exercise is the best way to lose excess fat and stay fit at the same time, the busy lifestyle cannot allow some people the luxury of going to the gym. That’s why so many people have resigned themselves to using weight lose medications.

HCG shots, although not initially meant to be a weight lose medication, have proven to be an effective and simple medication for loosing weight by resetting your body’s metabolic system.

HCG hormone medication together with a strict diet protocol enables you to shade off about 1 to 2 pounds a day. The medication, together with the diet, limits you to a maximum of 500 calories a day ensuring you only take what your body needs.

Limiting your diet to 500 calories without knowing which foods to take can be so frustrating. Some people end up eating more than the required calories just with a single meal. HCG diet guides you on how to spread up your meals so that by the end of the day you end up with the required calorie intake without exceeding. Although the meal plan may be so minimal that you can find difficult to maintain at first, HCG medication works in your body to ensure you don’t feel any hunger or weak throughout the day. HCG diet ensures you only take certain amounts of organic proteins, vegetables and fruits. They are of limited amounts which together should add up to 500 calories. The diet has 4 phases and you are recommended to follow all of them strictly to obtain the required results.

While doctors may argue that adhering to the HCG diet alone is enough to aid weight lose, 500 calories alone cannot be effective for normal functioning of vital body organs. HCG injections help turn excess fat into energy enabling you to stay strong and active throughout the day.

As far as there are many reviews about the effectiveness of HCG shot to aid weight lose, the medication has not been approved by FDA for this purpose. The primary purpose of HCG is to aid fertility in women and increase sperm production in men. However, this doesn’t mean that the medication is unsafe if you use it for the purpose of weight lose. In fact, many doctors have prescribed it for this purpose and many people have gained good results using it. It is important to purchase HCG injections through trusted pharmacy online or licensed clinics. Over the counter HCG is not always recommended.

HCG shots should be taken under strict doctor’s prescription. You can administer the shots yourself under the skin or through the muscles. If not taken with strict care it can result to many side effects including swelling, headache, leg cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pains, bloating and shortness of breath. Pregnant women and people within certain health conditions such as anemia, asthma and other conditions cannot use HCG shots and its advisable to alert your doctor of any health issues before being given HCG.